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Cited in... where you will find my work

My work crops up where private schooling for the poor is discussed, including countless journal articles and books as well as major reports such as the World Development Report 2018, several editions of the Education for All Global Monitoring Report, starting in 2009 (now the Global Education Monitoring Report which focused on private sector involvement in education in 2021-22), and 'even' the Economist.

I have twice given oral evidence (see links at the bottom of my home page) and once written evidence to the UK Parliament's International Development Committee and been cited by the Committee's chair in a letter to DFID


I am cited by Graham Brown-Martin on 'Medium'.

I am cited in New Internationalist.

I have written about private schooling in rural Nigeria for 'The Conversation'

I am a signatory of the Abidjan Principles regarding private schooling and human rights.

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