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I am a writer and researcher who has worked primarily on the issue I focus on in my first book, Low-fee Private Schooling and Poverty in Developing Countries, which was released by Bloomsbury Academic in January 2021. I talked about the book at an Edinburgh University event which you can find here. I have now completed my second book and am currently seeking representation to help me approach publishers. The book, Cutting Their Bellies: Why people in Africa and Asia make extreme sacrifices to pay for private education, looks at some of the history behind what I have hitherto focused on more in the here-and-now. I hope to bring what I've learned through my research to a more general readership.

I am an infrequent blogger mostly on issues of non-state schooling in India. However, I find myself increasingly drawn to focus on how the history of the British Empire has impacted the world and continues to impact the UK and the world now and into the future.

I am a signatory of the Abidjan Principles. You can see me talk about this here.

I recently contributed to an online forum for the RISE programme, responding to Jishnu Das and Lant Pritchett with a framing piece by Jason Silberstein. All of the essays can be found here

I am fully and happily independent of any organisation.

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