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I am Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for International Education, University of Sussex.

I am also a Teaching Fellow in education and international development at Moray House School of Education, as well as Honorary Fellow at the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh.

I am a signatory of the Abidjan Principles.

I am a writer and researcher who has worked primarily on the issue I focus on in my first book, Low-fee Private Schooling and Poverty in Developing Countries, which was released by Bloomsbury Academic on 28th January 2021. I talk about the book at an Edinburgh University event which you can find here. I am currently half way through writing my second book, which will look at some of the history behind what I have hitherto focused on more in the here-and-now. I hope to finish this book project by the end of 2021.  

I am an infrequent blogger mostly on issues of non-state schooling in India. However, I find myself increasingly drawn to focus on how the history of the British Empire has impacted the world and continues to impact the UK and the world now and into the future.

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Evidence to UK Parliament's International Development Committee on DFID's education work, 2017
Evidence to UK Parliament's International Development Committee on DFID's work in Nigeria, 2016


Speaking on low-fee private schooling for the poor, 2016

Chakarsi Notes

A blog from the intersection of research and what's happening in a non-state school in Uttar Pradesh 

Speaking on low-fee private school in Maputo, 2016